Responsible Source Timber and Manufactured Products

A program that certifies compliance with state or local environmental requirements to help protect human health and the environment.

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More about ASTM D7612

Approved Responsible Source Forests

Roughly 36% of the United States is forested which provides more than 50% of the nation’s drinking water. State and local government enforcement of best management practices (BMP) together with professional foresters in the field is indispensable to help ensure water quality is protected before, during and after forest management work takes place. Foresters monitor water quality as well as other protective measures that support sustainable forestry.

Responsible Sourcing rewards those jurisdictions who enforce their rules and have adequate staffing to effectively address water quality in a proactive manner. Find out which states have the most or least enforcement/monitoring.

Getting Approved

Get information about obtaining either a Forest Certification or Manufacturer Chain of Custody Certificate.

Approved Traceability Standards

Principle: The key component of any traceability standard is that the manufacturer shall be capable of assessing within the traceability program the risk of illegal sourcing associated with the species and country of harvest and be willing to exercise due care as required by law.

All outsourcing activities shall be within the scope of the organization’s traceability program, including a description of the activities and potential risks, documented procedures for implementing the Responsible Source program, internal audits where applicable, and management review.

Approved Manufacturers

Manufacturer Traceability Confirmed

Third party agencies offering Responsible Source Certification

AgencyManufacturerAudit DateReport
Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB)Roseburg Lumber2018download
Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB)Roseburg Lumber2019download
Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB)Roseburg Lumber2020download
Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB)Roseburg Lumber2021download
Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB)Freres Lumber2021download

Chain of Custody Certificates for Manufacturers that supply Responsible Source products